What does a girl need to look great in guys' eyes?

Well, I guess there's just one thing that all hot girls have and I want to know what it is.


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  • I am afraid that it is not that simple.

    But there is one thing ... belief. They blieve they are beautiful ... so they are!

    Whats funny ... this belief MAKES them more beautiful not other way around.

    • I agree with this one,!

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    • I disagree that if they like just your personality they just like you as a friend. Looks don't build love, relationships. It builds a bit of passion maybe and some guys' drool. If a guy only likes you for his looks, he doesn't know you at all.

    • Basically, he must love who you are, with looks or without! If you have looks it is veeeeery good that he loves it. But of course not just looks but everything you are including looks. If you don't you should be beautiful in his eyes for who you are, not for who you are not.

  • a pretty face, a sexy body. that's about it on the surface.

    • But what's that pretty face. How does it look like since they wall have one.

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    • I know you are not like us. I mean for you looks are the bigger part. Thanks!

    • That is true that personality will make him stay. Your looks will draw them in, but that isn't always the only thing that draws them in.

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