New hairstyle for coarse/dry hair?

I'm currently sporting a faux hawk as you can see in my profile pics. My hair's been dry/damaged for a very long time and I've gone through an arsenal of conditioners/treatments/diet changes to remedy it to no avail.

I can't grow my hair out too long before it starts frizzing/looking like a Brillo pad, so I'd like some suggestions (along with a picture if possible) of hairstyles I could try out that match my face/style.


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  • I think you'd suit a sort of sloppy, like, turkish haircut, and real sleek pair of aviators, hahaha. Though I don't think shades are your style, nevertheless, Lou Reed;




    I think it'd suit you a bit neater, though. But that'd come naturally, since Lou has curly hair, you have 'frizzy' hair. You know?

    • Was kinda waiting for more responses, but eh whatever lol

      I kinda was thinking of something along those lines as well, but the only problem is that my hair is kinda "frizzy straight", so it'd be a bitch to even get it in the shape of reed's hairstyle. Worth a shot no less

    • Haha, you didn't get many.

      Ohh, right. Well, you could even put a little touch of gel in it and run a comb through it backwards and sideways - just, up - till it sits.

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  • ANY untucked shirt, unless it's belted or baby doll style. SLOPPY...


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