If you found out a girl you were dating had had a nose job, what would your reaction be?

Would you think less of her? Would it not matter?


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  • To make a "judgement" I would find out why she did it, and if it where for some "wrong" reason I would probably dislike her decision. and tell her.to see her reaction and hear her response.I am dating her.

    Anyway, my belief would probably be that she's rate superficial(or thinks others are) and has a low confidence in herself(since she's changed her appearance)

    But. a girl is so much more than just a nose, so I would try to get to know her before I'd jump to any conclusions

    (Dont do it. your fine)

    • Good answer.

      Hah I HATE my nose. So I suppose my reasons to get one would be classified as 'superficial', but I honestly think it would make me a happier person. At the same time, I definitely see how it could make me seem shallow and too concerned about looks..

      Ughh haha.

      Thanks for your input.

    • If you are really unhappy with your nose and you feel that it hinders your looks and confidence, I think that doesn't make you shallow and superficial. There are some people who are lucky enough to be born without physical traits that make them feel horrible about themselves or get picked on. If your nose is that important to you then I don't think that says anything bad about your character.

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