Avoidng eye contact?

whenever I am walking down the halls during a change of classes, I always try to avoud eye contact with other guys because if we meet gazes, it woult be weird but and the other hand I always mare sure to look at my crush in his eyes. so are guys the sasme way? if he is looking at me a lot and making eye contact, then it is on purpose? do guys try to avoud eye contact with people they don't like and try to make eye contact with ones they do?


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  • We won't take notice unless it happens alot, if some girl stares at me one day but doesn't the other days then I shouldn't care much about it. If a girl makes eye contact with me but for more than 2 or 3 days then I would think that she has some kind of interest.

    Don't worry if you accidentally glance at some random guy, they usually won't care unless your doing it constantly for more than a few days.

    We probably only make eye contact with girls we find attractive but if you like a guy and he knows your looking at him but doesn't make eye contact he may either be really busy with his life and doesn't want to deal with you or like oberon said, he's shy and doesn't know what to do.

    • Yea I agree I usually don't make eye contact because I pass the same people at the same time so I would probably end up looking at the same guy(s) everyday

  • Yes. guys are quite simliar in that way, but guys are normally more indifferent.they don't dislike a lot of girls.so if they avoid eyecontact their probably shy


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