If you're going to a party to meet guys, what should you wear?

If the dress code is dressy casual, meaning anything from a nice shirt and jeans to a dress and heels and stockings, what should a girl wear to catch a guys eye?

Types of clothes would be helpful (i.e. tight shirt, stockings and a dress, skinny jeans, button down shirts, skirts, leggings, etc...)

Colors would be helpful.

Thanks guys! (:


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What Guys Said 1

  • well if your not sure at all. you can always just stick to something along the lines of a little black dress and flats if you want.

    while many girls think wearing dresses and skirts make you look slutty. its not about what you wear that makes you look slutty its about how you act in them. I mean if you act slutty in clothes that might appear slutty then ull be viewed as a slut.

    the invite is dressy casual. best idea probably is a cute top with a pair of fitted jeans and heels (id bring a pair of flats or w/e along) in case your feet get tired and don't want to be barefoot


What Girls Said 1

  • i think something like this would be cute:





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