Have you ever thought about trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes?

you know that old expression "put yourself in the other persons shoes"

i do it all the time when I'm with my girlfriend. I try to think of the situation we're in, in her point of view EVEN if it doesn't really matter, I think it still helps to see how she sees it, because I think it helps her to feel more well understood which of course that's all everyone ever wants, is to be understood, right?

its difficult to do this, trust me, but I do try and I think that's what matters the most.
so would that mean that people who don't see other peoples opinions as "just" opinions. are self centered. and they think theyre always right

im talking about people who think religious people are mentally ill. when obviously we're not. I'm jewish. but
that doesn't make me mentally ill.


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  • Taking the thoughts, emotions and struggles of others into consideration before undertaking a specific action like being a D-bag because their quiet for example, is important for one's development as a person. Almost every day I look around and can't help but try to figure people out, some people who appear to have a "good" life don't really skip through green pastures. Some people have a hard time accepting themselves, not out of a sense of self-confidence, but a past misdeed or self-perceived misdeed. Some people just don't find any peace in life and live under a cloud.

    But understanding others is something that comes only from experience or maturity. That's why most teenagers would be seen in a sense of idiocy in terms of reaching out to other people, since they lack the maturity to make such an action. Idk, am I making sense?


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  • Yeah I do. I try and understand how they feel and stuff. And you know how I would feel if I was in their shoes.

    I like your question

    • @update- Opinions are just people's way's of interpreting things they see fit. It is not a fact though. But either way we are all allowed to voice our opinions right! so therefore that does not make us mentally ill or anyone mentally ill when they voice their opinion

  • i do that as well, and it works.

    more people should, maybe there wouldn't be as muh arguing.


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  • People who don't do what you're describing are what we call self-centered. As in their point of view is always centered around themselves.

    • In response to your update...an unwillingness to try to understand why a person would have a particular opinion would be self-centered. Disagreeing with somebody's opinions is not self-centered though.

      Also, not all opinions are "just" opinions. Some opinions make people do crazy things, like strap bombs to themselves and kill innocent people. That's quite a bit different from an opinion that makes one choose vanilla over chocolate.

    • alalalalalalal (family guy voice) lol

  • I agree, my mates hate that I defend anyone about anything because that's what I do about any situation, I don't necessarily agree with the other person but I like decisions to be made after both sides of a story have been told


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