What would your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend be like?

What would your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend be like? What would their personality be like, some physical traits (whats important?), how much cash they have, the type of person they are (truthful, classy, wild, asshole?). how far or close do they have to live to you, someone who doesn't party or someone who does? Speak your mind and add anything missing.



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  • Well my perfect man would be he doesn't need much money a minimum wage job would be my limit, he has to live at least the same city as me, considerate, spontaneous, truthful, knows how to have fun, likes that I don't have a jealous side (to the extent of letting him sleep with other girls) funny, appreciative, let's me spoil him, happy, confidant, stands by me, WONDERFUL IN BED, lets me watch p*rn, let's me sleep with other girls, be open to a threesome, and if he could sing would be a bonus

    Too much muscle is my deal breaker and that's about it

    • so basically you are into "open" relationships? why is too much muscle a deal breaker?

    • semi open is OK like if he/she doesn't want me sleeping with other guys/girls that's fine. I don't know not a "mutant" person ya know?

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  • how about... NOT mentally ill for once... >.>

    • haha what is the mentally ill you are talking about?

    • well >.>

      my latest girlfriend, who also happened to be my first, turned out to suffer from Borderline Syndrome...

      I heard about that after we broke up, and I'm feeling like an idiot for not noticing it before... bet then, one of the major problems with borderline is that people on the "outside" never notice untill the patient actually destroys all social bonds or themselves...

  • Tall, thin, big boobs, shaved, good body. Doesn't talk, makes $100k+, can't hear anything I am saying to her and her parents thing I treat her great.

    • how about personality? and what do you mean can't hear anything

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    • so basically just for money and sex? so personality isn't important at all?

    • well... this is obviously not a serious comment xD

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