Jesse McCartney's old hairstyle. How do I achieve it girls?

My hair is at the same length as his but my bangs are longer. I really think his hairstyle is cool. The part I'm talking about is his razor cut hair. It's tapered. I like how it looks piecey and textured, especially the bangs how they're razor cut and side swept. I guess that's called layered hair?

The other thing was, his hair seems to stay close together, (his hair stays down and close to his face) and kept. My hair (especially in the back and sides) goes everywhere when it's dried. IT WON'T STAY IN PLACE. How could I fix that?

Anyway, how could I achieve this look? Currently I use just a little bit of Bio-silk after blow drying my hair to give it that razor cut look.

Here's some examples of how I like it..

link link


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  • ewww, god no. don't go with jesse mccartneys style. I don't even like him


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