Looking for gymnastics choreographer!!

Hiii <3

I'm looking for a really good gymnastics choreographer (price doesn't matter) to choreograph my floor routine and beam routine.. I'm not classical ballerina type and neither is my music!

P.S. My music is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne WITHOUT the lyrics, obvi <3
Dont comment if you're not gonna actually help me. Thanks.


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  • Can't help with your gymnastics but Crazy Train is one of my most favorite songs to play! Good choice ;)


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  • Where do you live? (I am in Europe)

    And what level of gymnastics?

  • hmm I don't really know, my coach always made up my routines. what level are you?

    • 1. Thanks for actualy answering my question.. kinda and not being all sarcastic about it like others.

      2. I currently am injured but will be competing next season, I have level 7 and 8 skills and will be working on level 9 skills this summer! Soo, I guess I am not really at any certain evel, athough I do work-out with the level 7s and 8s, I do not compete with them due to a broken heel bone. (:

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    • just think about what you say next time before you say it. there is no use in pissing off the people who you are asking for help

    • Hi, I have been a professional choreographer for 15 years. I am also a former gymnast. (I am now working as a mentor)

      If you want some advice and input how to make a good piece, and practical help take contact with me on this mail address: mentoring@hegetvedt.com

  • Shawn Johnsons choreographer or Nastia Liukins dad

    • do you have an exact name or website or ANYTHINGG?

      and nastia liukins dad is not a choregrapher, he is a coach.

    • be creative and create your own routine

    • haha, good joke. no all the girls who attempt to create their own routine or have a coach do it who is not a professional choreographer look like sh*it on the floor and beam, like white trash, maybe you want to look like that but personally I dont.

  • No one on this site can help you with that.

    Good Luck anyway, I wish I had all that money to make my dreams come true

    • you don't know that no one can help me with my question, and you don't need money to make your dreams come true you just need to believe in yourself, a trait which you obviously need to work on, no offense.

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    • In regards to your update: Don't ask a questions if you don't want answers. No one on this site is going to be able to help you find an instructor, this is not what this site is for.

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