Does this guy act attracted to me?

I'm just wondering if he is a quiet type of guy not really shy. Not the flirty type.

When I talk to him sometimes I become nervous and my voice sounds it. Then I smile and look away a little sometimes when I talk to him but usually can keep the eye contact. Usually talk standing face to face instead of side by side and don't stand a big distance apart while talking stand quite close and I'm like looking up to him . I always try and keep the conversation going asking him questions. He seems interested and doesn't give one worded or try and end it and move away. He leans in and I always have to start the conversations we've only spoken a few times though haven't for 2 weeks

Then in the hall we have different friends sometimes we make eye contact I'd look away / down when he sees me then back again and he's usually still looking. Or I see him make eye contact and he'll catch and I look away extremely fast nervously.

He watches/observes me when I'm with friends. Always stands next to me close before class , walks behind me often , he looks at me openly.

A few days ago he was outside class waiting and another girl from class was there he had stood quite a distance away from her and they were talking a little. Then when he saw me he stopped talking an was looking at me. I went over to my friend by the lockers near and he was looking and I looked at him but looked away. I always get nervous looking at him. He'd still look over then after was just looking at other things.

Yesterday while walking down the corridor he was at the end and was waiting for someone and was looking straight ahead. I was nervous making eye contact with him so I'd look at him then start looking at other things , just looking toward the walls the whole time . As I got closer he looked away and started fixing his jacket or something. Then I avoided looking at him as I passed him by.

Can he can sense that I'm nervous around him?


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  • one of the rules of attraction is to verbally make it known, by him usually, or non-verbally/passively, by her rarely works the other way around

    looking away, is a form of rejection, but he seems persistent so don't keep him waiting or don't give him the wrong'll miss the train or he may not know what you're thinking and assume nothing or something more


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