So when spraying cologne, are the wrists optional?

I was asked out on a coffee date (not sure if I should really call it a date) but should I spray my wrists as well cause according to this guy, he says no. He says to just spray back of neck, behind ears, and both sides of the collar bones. What do you guys think?
I’m using a light hugo boss tonic eau de toilette.

Top notes: vibrant citrus fruit and apple

Heart notes: ginger and cinnamon

Base notes: Woody notes


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  • That’s a bit overboard and if she’s scent sensitive can be literally sickening.
    I’d probably go neck but kind of by your ears. Otherwise if things progressed and she kissed your neck.. that may not taste as good at it smells. And probably chest.
    For me personally I kind of go where my bra meets in the center of my chest and the insides of my elbows. Kind of pulse points.

    • 7d

      So max of three sprays only sound good? Maybe one spray behind each ear and one spray in the middle of the bottom of my neck between my collar bone?

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  • I think chest and neck is good. Wrists maybe a bit overboard. The goal is, you want her to go 'oooo he smells nice' if she hugs you, or stands really close to you. Anything other than that is too much.


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