What do you think about brown eyes?

What do you think about brown eyes? Like or dislike? Sexy or boring? If you do you like them, do you like them light brown, a medium brown, or dark brown and what makes you like/dislike them?


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  • Brown eyes are so pretty. Like this one girl I know has light cocoa colored eyes and they have almost an yellowy/gold ring toward the pupil and really twinkle. That probably sounds horrible from that description, but idk, it's like her eyes have halos in them and it's gorgeous. But even in general I love how dark eyes with dark hair looks.

    I guess I go against the norm when I say that blue and green eyes really don't do much for me (generally).

    • Yayy! Someone who loves the dark hair and dark eye combination! I was beginning to think guys were bored of us haha. And that was a good description

    • Noooo, guys aren't bored of you! At least I'm not, haha. Brown eyes have so much more depth in my opinion. Thanks for the best answer! :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • they are just normal,nothing special about them according to me

  • Neutral, barely notice them. They're just too common. But that's not a decisive factor, all my gf's had brown eyes.

    • do you like green eyes

    • Yeah, green are the best, always notice them. Esp. if the girl has black hair.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes I like them. I have blue eyes, but if a guy have brown eyes it's very sexy. :))


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