This would in most eyes look unattractive; however could you look at it this way?

So I'm 22

1. I don't have my beginner's/learners license, I never really wanted to spend money on license/gas/insurance blah blah never interested me. I preferred to save all that money and use public transportation for everything. Done it for 4 years and saved lots of money.

2. I still live at home with my parents because rent is expensive, pay for groceries, heating etc. For the last year I've had to start paying rent/month, way cheaper then other rent. Because again I like to save money.

3. I never been to a university yet, 4 years after completing grade 12, just really don't know what to do with myself, and going to university just to get a degree and not know what to do with it is a waste of money. Must I say again I like to save money.

So without driving and home with my parents NO I do not plan this still when I'm 30. I am actually going to get my license this year. I do actually plan to be a bus driver learning the bus system etc. after beginners license, the take a busing license. I have a bank account which charges me $5 to withdraw from it which is how I save money and where 3/4 of my pay cheques go form jobs over the years. 1/4 in regular account, that's how I save over the years.

So living at home with parents/Not driving/Not having a good career job yet may look unattractive as so people say,

but the reasons for it are saving lots of money and using it when needed still unattractive instead of blowing it on whatever. Some also says having lots of money attracts girls too, except stay away from the ones who use you because you have it.

So I`m asking could you look at it in this way instead of a slobbish way?
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as of May 29,2011 I got my learners license


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  • When you start dating, and when you get a girlfriend, your going to have to spend money there is no way around that, and if you have money and don't spend it, not necessarily always on her, but if you don't take her out or get her a gift for her birthday or anything like that, she will think your cheap, and she won't stick around very long, regardless if she is a gold digger or not.

    • oh exactly ... I would never treat her like that. I am not sure if I necessarily am looking for a girlfriend, but if one came along then yeah sure I'd have a girlfriend and spend money.

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  • Truthfully, it's neither to me.

    The only thing I could find unattractive about that is if you're just lazy or don't want to college, rather stay home and do nothing.

    Caring about money to an extreme is really a huge turn off for me too.. Seems... cheap. I've know far too many cheap people. Sooo... would never, ever, date someone that was...

    • thanks ... but I don`t sit around I just work at entry-level job. as for now

    • I never said that you sit around. :]

      And well, that's good. At least you're trying somehow. Most girls either want a guy to try to have a good job or only go for guys who already has a good job. And then there's girls who don't care... I suggest you don't go for those.

  • I can respect that you like to save your money, but at the same time you can't be afraid to spend it neither, cause like the other person said, it seems cheap and that's a huge turnoff. I think even if you had 1 of your 3 things, girls would see you differently, but since you don't drive, live with mom and dad, and don't go to college, it just sounds like your lazy & that's an immediate turnoff. Once a girl is turned off...good luck turning her back on...she won't even waste the time getting to know you know. For me personally...choosing the order of importance for these 3 things would be 1-COLLEGE! 2-move out...even if you get some roommates & 3-drive. With 3 strikes against you off the bat, I don't think its going to matter to a girl whether you have money saved up or not. Sorry to be blunt about it.

    • hmm yeah

      I plan to spend it on whatever is needed either college/down payment on house/car since I am going to learn to do that this year. So it's not necessarily that I'm afraid to spend it on, it's what to spend it on. Would you still consider me lazy even if as for right now do have a entry-level job, when you say lazy it just sounds like I'm sitting at home doing nothing all day.

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