Ladies, please help with profile...

Just looking for a little help with in general. I have tried several different profiles and approaches and are not getting the response I want. Which of the pictures should my profile picture be, anything I should change, add, shorten etc in the profile itself? User name: atljar2002

Also, what in the world is the key to get a woman to respond to an email? I'm at maybe 10-12% return rate? I've tried funny, honest, nice guy, bad guy, light funny banter, compliments and nothing really seems to work well.


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  • I think most of it is in the picture you want one of JUST you no one cut out of it like the one you have here it makes you look like you have girlfriend or your not over her.

    • See I love this because women read into little things like that I would never dream of seeing. Do you feel this way about all the pictures or just the main profile pic? Does it look cheesey to photoshop in a standard black or white background over others in the pics? I have probably 150pics of me to use, and I bet 140 of them have someone else close to me in them. The others aren't profile material

    • I don't see any other pictures on your profile sorry. Yes I think its cheesy to photoshop in a pic lol I think you should go do something you like doing and have someone take a picture of you.

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