Juno Temple kind of girls...ARE they attractive?

/speaking as a Juno Temple kind of girl/ Some people think they're too careless about their wardrobe or hair or make up...they put too much, they don't put enough...

Or careless about the opinions of other people in general.

IS someone like her attractive or not?

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If so, in what way...and if not-why not?

Just noticed that people don't seem to realize that Juno has very curly half Afro hair...

This is her natural type hair:


-notice the roots...they're completely afro.
Does it seem like she can do a lot about that?

I really don't see how she can change her roots without damaging her hair forever completely!


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  • All that matters is what she looks like naked. C'mon if she's got money and nice t*ts who cares what her hair looks like?


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  • One guy's opinion:

    We care far less than you want to believe about the exactness and conformity of your wardrobe or the precision of your makeup and hair. These are far more expressions if women competing with women for ranking themselves and attempting to inflict that dynamic on those around them..

    Especially among younger men, girls' carelessness about their wardrobe, so long as they look "interesting" is not an issue. Later in the adult (living on your own dime) working world, it is more so but only in the way of looking neat, clean and organized, but not high-styled, which suggests self-indulgence. I view obsession with "look" as a reason to stay away and a deal breaker.

    Hair is another thing. The various "goops" Juno and others of you use look like you just slept on a pillow soaked with vegetable oil and makes you look unappealing and unclean. Ditto noticeable make-up (you young lovelies shouldn't need any) and the use of black highlights make you look unclean and unwell. Juno simply looks like she could use a bath.

    • In the simplest of terms, we view your "look" in terms of your approachability, probability of sex in the near term (high style goes against both) and if we will like it when we get it (looking unclean and sloppygoes against that)

    • "Juno simply looks like she could use a bath."

      I agree lol

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  • she should comb her hair. she looks like she just rolled out of bed and probably doesn't shower as much as most other women do

    • Do you see the texture of her hair?

      Does it seem like she can comb it?

      The answer is no, and why? Because she has hair that's the similar kind to some African-Americans. -the afro kind.

      The only way she could keep her hair looking combed is if she put 3 tones of gel or grease in her hair. Now THAT would just look gross!

    • i didn't know she was mixed. well I'm african american and my hair never looks like that. the girl looks a mess she knew she was gonna be out in public photographed. she needs to take control of those edges and just groom better. my comment still stands

    • She's not mixed. She just has that kind of hair.


      Your comment is just that...a comment.

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