Could I get some feedback on this hairstyle and how to do it? Thanks!

I really like this hairstyle. Especially the separation. His hair is really piecey and razor cut on the bangs. I don't really know what this hairstyle is, I just really like the piecey look. His hair has a lot of layers? I currently apply bio-silk to my hair after it's blow dried to kinda make my hair separated.

Also how could I get my hair to stay in place like his? His hair seems very kept and in place. My hair goes flying everywhere (especially on the sides and the back) when the wind is hardly even blowing.

Here's some pictures of how I would like my hair. Thanks for any answers!

link link
Could I please have some answers


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  • Careful- that look is dangerously "Justin Bieber" if you don't take the time to style it properly every day. If your willing to commit to piecing the layers everyday, Id say go for it. If you a little more low maintenance... Id maybe look around for another style.

    also keep in mind that certain styles only complement certain face shapes. If you have an ova long or square face shape, it'd probably look sexy and delicious. If you have an round face or weak cheekbones... Not so hot.

    • Thanks so much! Yea I have a oval/angular face. My jawline is really jagged...especially when I bite down haha. But I agree. Justin Biebers hair just looks like a bowl cut and it's too shiny. He doesn't even give his hair that "just rolled out of bed look" . I'm patient when styling my hair. It's no big deal to me, but what products would you recommend using to make my hair Piecey? His hair also stays kept and in place. I guess using a little hair spray would help my hair do the same?

    • Choose Hair wax over hair gel since you want it to stay in place but still be touchable. Just a tiny amount of hair wax (rub in in your fingers to warm it up) should do the trick. Id suggest talking to the stylist who is giving you this haircut about hair products, since she/he will be able to tell what will work with your hair texture.

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  • Slightly Justin Bieber...

  • I like it except for the blond highlights ;)

    • You don't like blonds or you don't like the highlights?

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    • Oh I see. I agree with ya there. Thanks!

    • Welcome :]

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