This is a makeup question!!! advice would be appreciated!!

hey, so I have always worn a thicker liquid eyeliner on my top lid, with no eyeliner on bottom. I would like to begin wearing eyeliner on my waterline but don't know what to do to the top lid. I don't want to look like I have black eyes because my top AND bottom liner is thick, but I find if I only apply eyeliner to the waterline it looks kinda weird, any suggestions? thanks! :)


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  • You can avoid a panda look by making the outside corners of your eyes have the think eyeliner and thin it out as you get closer to the nose - joining the thicker ends together at the outside corner of your eyes. This will also make your eyes look wider and more open. Alternatively, do the eyeliner thick on the top and thin on the bottom. If you're having trouble doing that with the liquid liner try a pencil - it is easier to control the amount and thickness with a pencil by alternating the pressure you use to apply it. Smudging then becomes less hassle and more accurate and make lines look less sharp and more natural. Another suggestion is for you to find a day when you have no commitments and distractions and spend some time practicing different ways of applying the liner to create a look you like and is unique for you. Hope that answered your question. xx


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