What are girls attracted to?

Physically and personally. What characteristics make you attracted to a guy and which ones specifically create the biggest amount of attraction?


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  • personality: the guy has to be confident, and hard to get.. a girl likes the catch, they like the mysterious type; the guy has to be interested in something.. have to have a hobby.. girls don't like boring men, they need action and adventure in there life; a guy that takes control and isn't awkward, and makes a girl laugh and feel comfortable.. someone she can be herself around; trustworthy and honest

    looks: tallish, not frgile skinny.. you have either got to have muscle, or a bit of meat on the bones.. girls don't want to be dating guys that have a smaller waist size than they do. personal hygiene is big too. you have got to look put together.. unless you are going for the crusty. grungy look than it doesn't really matter; good style... you may be the hottest guy around but a style can ruin you.. or, vise versa.. you could be totally hideous but have an amazing fashion sense and you can look 10 times better


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  • Every girl is different and finds certain things attractive. I personally am really attracted to guys who are clean cut and take care of their appearance. Also guys who are confident and fun, boring guys really get no where.

  • Personality: Funny, Happy 75-85% of the time I see him, smiling, fun to be around, sincere and treats people with respect

    Physically: I like the guys who have a tannish skin tone not too tan, black/dark brown hair I like, doesn't matter what color eyes, active and taller than me (which isn't hard to do since I'm 5ft)

  • Personally:

    outgoing (I don't mind if he's shy at first), respects himself by "not acting like a dog" (dog=constantly looking for a girl...on first date trying to feel a girl up), educated, family oriented...


    tall, blue/green/hazel/just beautiful eyes, nice lips, healthy (exercises regularly like me)

  • simplified my type would be:

    personality- can make me laugh, thoughtful

    physically- broad, taller than me, nice smile/teeth


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