How can I style my full fringe into a side scene-ish fringe?

Well to be honest I am ashamed that I let my father cut my full fringe ha ha but then again not so much I was cutting it today to make it longer because he had cut it short -.- and so I made it a bit uneven and messy I cut side bangs and it looks quiet nice but I want to turn it into a scene-ish fringe because I think they are really cute lol I want it to look like this ... *go on google type scene hairstyle and its this girl with short as hair with mini pigtails and looking to the left (right)* it looks like this now :/ and that is how it looks now come to think of it it look ugly please help... and are there any hairstyle or things I can do so it won't look like that

p.s deleted my face off lol but yeah what do you think of it is it really ugly and what can I do with it, how can I style it back so the fringe won't show?

thank you!


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  • I think it might look cute, but its really hard to say with your face missing from the picture.

  • It's hard to tell without your face there but I think I like it!

    I think bangs like this link are really chic and more in style right now

    while bangs like this link are more high schoolish and outdated right now


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