Eye contact, confusing behavior?

What does it mean when there is plenty of eye contact going on with a cute guy and maybe a little chit chat. Then the next time you see each other its like total avoidance and no eye contact at all even though you can tell he remembers you and you really haven't done anything out of the ordinary. any advice?! Thanks!
also I felt like an idiot trying to get his attention so I was just like whatevs, I'm over it, then one day out of the blue, its sudden eye contact again and its so confusing. I don't know what to do


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  • HEY REPLY TO THIS. I'm in the exact situation and I'm the guy. It's like you're describing me word for word... It's true about the break and stuff. It's also, because the girl also doesn't look and I sometimes feel that she has no feelings for me. I'm outgoing and talkative around my friends and for some reason more revealing to strangers than acquaintances because I'm scared they know my past(did some stuff that most people know. not that big. it just shocked them all.) Say hi to him first couple of times. He'll start to gain more confidence more and more and will start doing it. I also feel the same way for the girl giving off the confusing behavior. It seems like you're doing that too.

    Recap: Just say hi to him, he'll say hi back eventually. When it seems like he's stone solid or something when he's near you. He's probably showing and exploding all of his emotions once you're gone. Hopefully, for you saying hi to him, he'll start liking you more and more. The girl I liked stopped giving me signs for a week and when the first time I said bye to her, she ignored me(that gave the finishing blow to me). Then she started giving signs again but more physical with me. Also, try to initiate conversations with him such as going up to him in class and just talking to him.

    • haha thanks for the advice! all of it is actually really helpful actually. I was just really confused because I thought I did something wrong when I tried to smile and initiate some sort of familiarity and it was just like...shutdown! Also I'm a naturally shy person so usually when that happens, I'm just like forget about it and its been awhile since it began so I feel like it would be awkward if I went up to him now and started a convo

    • Well, trust me. He's probably killing himself and trying to muster up the strength to say hi to you. It took the girl about 5 times to say hi first to me before I actually tried to say anything first. I even didn't say hi to her when we met, because I was expecting a hi from her. I was trying to ignore her for no reason. Secret: Most shy guys have like some buddy who they talk to about everything. He probably is talking about you almost all the time and about how he wants to grow a pair so yeah.

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  • He probably feels like he is annoying you by looking at you too much.

    • so I shouldn't read too much into the fact that whenever we pass by each other and I try to catch his eye, its like pointed avoidance and a little smirk?

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    • Alright thanks a lot; that made sense now that its been explained. I just wanted a bit of clarification since the mixed signals have began again

    • I don't know dude but but when the girl I like is about to pass me during passing periods, One out of two times I'll try to look at her. If I do, it would be better for me if she looked back and held eye contact for 2 seconds or so giving me more hope to work on.

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  • He's probably scared to let you know he might like you...maybe you can encourage him more...

    • Idk why though because around his friends and people he knows, he's very outgoing and not at all shy so I'm not sure how to take his behavior

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