Girls what do you think about hairless legs?

Well, the thing is even though I'm a guy I'm super super SUPER girly. And I think that leg hair is really REALLY disgusting. Recently I was thinking whether I should laser hair removal it or not. What do you think? I'm pretty much a fem guy already so liikkee yaaaa. So should I shave or not? (By the way I don't do swim or track)

Also what do you think about hairless legs?
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  • No (Because I like hairy)
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  • It actually does not matter because I don't care whether the person is Hairless OR Hairy.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I honestly would be turned off by it.

    I want my man to act like a Man, although I don't like leg hair much, I would rather him have a ton then non.

    Good luck!


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'm gonna take your question seriously and answer. I am always complaining to boyfriends past and present. To shave ALL body hair. They usually have a response of I'm not hairy. To me any hair is hairy. If I have to shave so do they. Facial hair is the worst. I go in for a kiss and I get pricked. All I have to say is bless you for grooming yourself.

    I'm curious what makes you super super girly? Cause shaving your legs doesn't make you girlie in my opinion.

    • It's just the way how I act. I mean when I have to I'll act like a compete guy. But other then that I'm sensitive, I do like shopping and all that.

  • To be honest I'm the kind of girl who's into manly men. So if a guy shaves his legs then I'm instantly turned off to a major degree. I'm not really the right person to get an opinion off though because you're super girlie so I wouldn't be into you anyway. Plenty of girls like girlie men so you should be fine.

  • I actually really like when guys have leg hair

  • its not masculine and borderline gay. I like a man to be a man, not all manicured and girlie sorry

    • I prefer Non-Anonymous Users, because you could be the guy below me. Thanks.

    • Lol I also never said I did manicures.

What Guys Said 2

  • You, sir, represent the things that I like least about society. Two things:

    A) You're a dude, act like one.

    (But failing that)

    B) Chances are any chick who is still into you despite the whole girlie act won't be bothered by you not having leg hair.

    • Hey you know what. Your the type of person that least like about society too.

      A) You think being a boy is just to be manly, acting macho and all that, just because of the media.

      (But you just think that everyone has to be a certain person) Watch you're going to get lots of divorces because of your thinking way of "man"

      B) I have had chicks ask me out. I don't even ask them out. And they're girlie girls.

      And I'm pretty sure I mentioned GIRLS not guys. I really hate the ways MOST guys think.

  • Just ask your hairdresser to take care of that next time you go in for a perm and pedicure.


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