What should I wear to meet his parents?

The guy that I really like is playing a gig tomorrow and his parents are coming and his sister. I was going to wear my Beatles shirt but now I think I should wear something more conservative like a sweater or something so I can make a good first impression.
i ended up wearing the beatles shirt anyway. It was alright I just had to keep watching it ;) His mom didn't seem to care


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  • Conservative is usually the best choice, play it safe if you like the guy, but don't make it too obvious, go easy on the makeup as well mothers tend to look at that in a negative light for some reason.


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  • Since when is a Beatles shirt considered provocative? Is it all cut up or off shoulder?

    Well, if the weather warrants a sweater, then wear that.

    Or you could wear a jacket/cardigan you can take off if it gets hot in the club they're playing at.

    Definitely nothing too revealing...you can still be *sexy* while being fully covered. Good Luck!


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