Why do girls discriminate so much against short guys?

I'm only 5'10 and most guys at my college are around the 6 foot or 5'11.5 mark. Tall guys ALWAYS ALWAYS catches a girls eye, yet us short guys don't turn much heads because they don't even notice us. Forget having a girl approaching us, especially at a bar or club. It's not only the tall girls that want a 6 foot+ guy, but also the very short girls that are like 5 foot tall will settle for nothing less than 5'11. What is just so attractive about height that makes us short guys second rate or last choice?
If a guy is 6'1 or higher, girls will turn and look at him no doubt about it. If he has a decent looking face, he is set and girls will keep staring. But a short guy walks into the room (like me) and girls don't even notice him.
It's like if a guy appears to be below a certain comparison to others, girls are programmed to just ignore him and not even give him a look.


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  • Use the "peacock effect". Dress different. have good style... girls will notice you. and it will also show confidence.

    • Best answer and advice.

    • You would be suprised how much style can do...

      put a 6'4" guy in a room who dresses average and a 5'10" guy who has amazing style and dresses amazing in the same room ... the 5'10" guy will be like a giant getting all the attention...

      focus on your style... I'm not sure what kind of clothes you like but I look to celebs sometimes on how to dress (but try to change it up a bit)... its like having a stylist cus they have stylist...

      I personally like usher's, neyo's and JT's style

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  • I think it really depends on the girl. Everyone is different and not everyone is attracted to the same thing about a person. You seem to group all girls as if we like the same things about a guy, but I know some friends and even myself found ourselves checking out guys shorter then us from time to time. It just really depends on the individual (:

    • Of course an attractive face will catch attention...if she happens to be looking in that direction. But a tall guy will catch a girl when she sees him in the corner of her eye, then if he has a good face he is set. Us short guys tend to not be noticed in general, by both guys and women. So girls don't really check us out unless we happen to be her direct point of focus.

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    • Well like what I'm saying is that not everyone is going to like the same thing but what I'm saying is that even if you might not get the attention like a tall guy would, there are people out there that do notice short guys. We just have to accept on who we are and what we cannot change. I'll be honest I don't get the attention like compared to a blond girl but I'm OK with that because I still get attention from guys, A lot of people want what others have but don't realize the good things

    • they already have.

  • Love you're 5'10 that's not really what most girls consider short.

    It's not an eye catching height like 6'5 but it's not what most girls would pass by

    Talk to the guys 5'4 and lower they know what this may feel like.

    I take this all back if you're in Germany or something I know most girls are on the tall side in those type of areas for some reason.

  • I've dated my share of 6'-6'7" and I guess I always felt they were protective because of their size. I'm 5'5" and my husband is 5'7". I think he's the strongest, hottest of them all! I'm a very good looking woman who's never had a problem getting men, so its not like I "settled" for a shorter man. I never realized the benefits of the shorter guy...faces line up when were hugging and kissing (so does other stuff!). When I wear heels I'm a little taller... who cares? He says if puts him closer to my...

    That being said...5'10" isn't really short.

  • It a natural thing. We go for a eight because it gives us a sense of protection. Tall guys are generally more secure as well. Tall guys is my weak spot as well. However, decent height is OK too, as long as he is taller than me.

    My boyfriend of 5 years was 5.10 and it bugged me so much, but after some time the height did not matter, he made up for height through so many other things.

    • Can I ask how tall you are? I'm just curious.

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    • Oh yeah 5'1 is pretty short. But that's an attractive height for a girl, it's just no girls really want a guy who is as short as 5'10. A girls dream guy is probably 6 foot tall, so girls tend to not notice me in a room of people. They have no idea what my face looks like, or that I even exist.

    • Don't say that! I am sure girls notice you. The boyfriend of my five years had the prettiest face ever. Even when was with my recent ex his height could not compensate for his face (although he was handsome, but not gorgeous). Also, from my experience, short guys have amazing sex drive and they compensate for height through their actions, kindness, etc.

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  • lol I just made this question like a couple hours ago.

    • Oh where is it? I want to see it :)

    • So I'm not the only one who thinks midget girls demand tall guys! I don't know how many times I walked past a girl sitting in the cafeteria and her eyes don't even twitch in my direction, yet a tall 6+ footer walks by and she turns and looks at him. Once again the tall guy caught a girls attention. :(

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