What percentage of girls care about how good a guy looks?

i know people say for girls an ugly guy can make it up with other personality traits. but I think there are girls out there that care about how good guys look. and I have heard stories where girls reject guys because they were deemed too ugly. so how many girls out there feel looks matter for a guy?


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  • Of course it matters to us how a guy looks like. There's just a wide range of what we find attractive compared to guys. For a girl to be considered attractive she basiclly got to be 110 - 140 lbs with a pretty face. And those pretty face are really similiar to each other.

    A guy can be like 140 lbs or 240 lbs and still be very attractive. With faces too these guys link link link can seem attractive as those guys link link link if they are confident and funny.

    I guess there is a no go regarding looks, but as guy you really can make up for lot, if you have great personality.

    On the other hand, I often hear girls talking about finding a guy gross or creepy but it really takes a lot for that. If you're average looking you're fine.


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  • looks mean a lot to me, but I'd have to say that hygiene, personality, values, morals, and beliefs have their weight in when I'm judging a guy. the thing I look for the most is honesty. I hate people who are dishonest and cowardly.

    but yeah.. looks do matter.. if someone has really bad hygiene or is really overweight, its shows that they can't take care of themselves.. and that's a HUGE turnoff.

  • I don't feel this matter at all. But I do know some girls who have done this when they were a little younger...like early high school age. But since I have been growing up...I have noticed that looks don't apply as much anymore when you get older. Like they do but not to a huge extent..if that makes sense?

    • so pretty girls don't care about having ugly babies with ugly guys?

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