Boys are you more attracted to what you can't have??

Is it true that when a girl doesn't pay attention to you you want them more? I don't mean ignore but like if she doesn't go out of her way to give you attention.

And why?

I don't understand it.please help


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  • Let's pretend I want to live in a mansion. I'm pretty sure I won't ever have that, so it's pretty appealing. Though, just because I want it and it's appealing, I still recognize the futility of going after it.

    Now let's pretend the mansion is a girl. I want this girl, but I recognize I can't ever have her because she's made herself unavailable. I accept it won't happen, so I just want her.

    By playing hard to get you don't increase your chances, you decrease them. The average guy is going to look at a "hard to get playing girl" and assume she isn't interested. The average guy, having been rejected a few times will then give up on this girl and move on to something HE KNOWS he can get.

    If you make yourself a mansion, and 99% of the men in this world don't think they can get a mansion, you won't find very much diversity in the men you date.


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