Guys, do you notice hair and skin?

Like if a girl has really clear smooth skin or reaaallly pretty hair do you care or notice? I was wondering because people (girls) always compliment me on that but it seems pointless because I don't think guys notice or care about skin or hair
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  • I notice if the girls face is clear or not. I do notice if a girls skin is nice and soft and I do like that a lot. Especially when my hands are on her stomach.

    As for hair, I absolutely notice a girls hair. I love when a girls hair is really shiny and straight. I also have a thing for running my hands through a girls hair so it might just be me.


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What Guys Said 3

  • if a gut is really interested in pursuing a relationship, he will notice these more than the rest of your body.

    But if he really likes you like that, then he won't care if they aren't perfect - as long as you're there.

    Guys won't usually notice it, normal guys, unless it either looks horribke, or completely different to the last time they saw you.

  • We don't say as much about the skin because it sounds like a cheesy compliment to say "I love your skin", but we do notice and care about both.

  • I do actually. Hair more that skin, if it's pretty.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes,but they aren't gung ho on it.

    And how is it pointless?Girls nowadays are really stupid and seem to think it only matters when guys validate it


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