What kind of clothing should I wear that compliments my body type?

Hello! :D

Im new here and so uhm, I guess this would be my first question XD

Anyways, my family and I are doing a major clean up with our wardrobe and with the money we make from selling our old clothes we'll spend on getting some new ones.

But uhm... well I'm not sure what fits my body. I have nice straight legs but small calves, and I have no hip/waist. (I'm a square, my hip bones are small and blend into my stomach) >>

Also I have really big boobs (double d). I'm too afraid people will think I'm a slut if I wear anything slightly revealing or tight ><

Oh and I'm short D: (5'3) and I have broad shoulders.

So can you please give me some advice on what kind of clothing would look good on me please? :3


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe tucking in or belting at the waist could give you he illusion you have more curve than you do, & it could also show off yur boobs without being TOO revealing, but I'd have to see you, or you could try it. Maybe some skinny jeans or something tight in the legs to show them off. I wish I could be more help...


What Girls Said 1

  • i look a lot like you. I have broad shoulders and big boobs I don't know what to say here but of your pictur is from deathnote then I m a nerd and I love it. that is all sorry icould not be of more help


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