Guys, what is your idea of a perfect girl?

List these things, please.

1: Facial features you like (ex. hair, eyes, etc.)

2: Physical features you like (ex. legs, etc.)

3: Personality traits (ex. funny, etc.)

4: Things they're interested in (ex. music, etc.)

And anything else you can think of that would make a girl perfect!


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  • 1. straight light brown hair, deep blue eyes, a smile to die for (straight white teeth), nice kissable lips, symmetrical face

    2. height around 5'4 give or take a few inches, proportionate body, B or C cup breasts, hygienic soft/smooth skin, healthy ect.

    3. To many to say. honesty, caring, independent, spontaneous, fun, sense of humor, intelligent, accepting, affectionate, humble, generous, reliable, friendly ect.

    4. She can have her own interests and hobbies because that's what makes her so unique, though it would be nice if she could watch sports with me or do some outdoor activities/adventurers like camping or hiking. But, she must generally have the same religious and political views as me.

    Yes, in order for her to be perfect she has to love me back.


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  • 1) Blond hair, Brown eyes, and nice lips.

    2) She has a beautiful face, and a great smile, on the rare occasion I get to see it.

    3) Extreme kindness

    4) Metal and Pokemon! (Those are the best, but even stuff I don't really like, but that are different from typical girls' interests are awesome)

  • 1. Long black hair, green eyes, warm smile.

    2. Average, healthy body.

    3. Honest, straightforward, down to earth.

    4. Anything other than shopping and gossip.


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