Annoyed by my boyfriend's sister. She tells me one thing and tells my boyfriend another thing?

I am a hairstylist. My bf's sister send me pics all the time of how she wants her hair done (color, cut, etc.). Honestly, I don't want to do her hair for the simple fact that she is not grateful. I gave her a haircut about 4-5months ago and I have yet to receive a simple "thank you', plus I didn't charge her. Today I was going through my bf's cell phone messages and she texted him saying " I am going to be pissed off if she ruins my hair". She sends me a pic. text message at least once a week for the last 4-5months (no joke) of how she wants her hair done. Prior to reading that text message I would always tell her to just come to my job. To be honest when I read that message I was thinking what an ungrateful, two-faced-well you get the pic. I do not plan on doing her hair at all. How do I get her to stop sending me pictures or asking me to do her hair? She sent me a text message like 10 minutes ago and I got ignored it. Also, another thing that got me annoyed was the fact that my mother (who is also a hairstylist) did her sister's hair and my mom did it for free and the girl couldn't even say thank you. The services were free because my boyfriend does a lot for my family, so we did it for him. How do I get his family off my back as far as hair services go?


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  • i guess it depends on how you feel.. if you think that all your boyfriend does is worth it, then you just gotta suck it up and deal with his pain-in-the-ass sister. I seriously hate ungrateful people, I totally understand where you're coming from.

    on the one hand if I was feeling especially vindictive I might actually mess up her hair on purpose (that IS really bitchy though lol) otherwise just lay it out to her. be like "ok I know I'm dating your brother, but that doesn't mean that you get special treatment. I'm not dating YOU."

    or you could just tell your boyfriend? I would.. id be like, hey this might be kinda awk because were talking about your family here.. but you gotta get your sister to stop doing this.


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