If a guys say this does he really mean it?

I'm not looking for anything and I just couldn't be bothered so it's better off we call it quits.
OK now what do I do wen he's friends are talking to me and kind of flirting. Do I flirt back and pretend I'm not bothered ?


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  • Yes, I would have to say that's pretty clear.

    However, you're obviously asking because you're unhappy with this...

    Best thing you can do is not contact him or make any effort to get near him in whatever setting you may be likely to encounter him.

    Ensure you look your best when you're out and about and start or keep training to get or stay fit...

    You'll feel better and he may start wondering about you. Either he or his mates will see you and he'll know you're looking great and getting on fine without him. When this happens he's likely to contact you to find out what's going on in your life, who you're seeing and he'll try to get 'with' you.

    At this point you can take control back (he has that at the moment). You play it cool and make yourself unavailable... hard to get!

    Play him at his own game.

    It's not easy but you'd be surprised how fast you can turn things 'round if you play the 'game' right.

    Best of luck...

    • Yeah it was very clear alright. Except for the fact that the day before everything was grand and he had asked me if I was still interested in him and stuff ... thanks so much for the advice I am definitely going to take it :) His friends are always chatting to me on face book ad stuff anyways.

    • Hi again,

      Facebook is very dangerous in the world of love! My advice is delete this guy and ensure your privacy settings are strong.

      One of your friends could post to your wall and give away an 'image' you'll have spent weeks cultivating e.g You're giving the guy an image of a girl getting on with her life and then your friend spoils it by saying it was "awful to seeing crying over John Doe yesterday..."

      Get me?

      Be careful of 'six degrees of separation'. Your FB friends may know him!

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  • Do not, under any circumstances, get involved with his mates! That's an absolute no-go area.

    Be nice but be absolutely clear that it wouldn't even enter your head to 'go there'!

    It will make him hate you if he thinks you'd get with one of his friends. And retaliation will no doubt include his trying to be with one of your friends...


    Avoid meeting him, friends, family, colleagues, children, aunties, uncles...

    You wanna make him start wondering... 'Where's she gone?' 'What's she up to?' 'Who's she with'?

    At the moment he's running away. You chase, he runs.

    You stop chasing. He stops running.

    Add time. He looks back...

    He starts to walk (or run) back... depending on how good a game player you are :)

    Become a ghost... a lingering perfume he can't lay his hands on...

    Enjoy... let me know how it goes...

    • Once again great advice :) so happy you have commented. Me and this guy have only had two dates like but there was definitely a huge connection and I know he felt it as well because he told me I was different. We only keep in contact 3 weeks. Just a bot of background for you. I will take advice and yet you know. Thanks so much.

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