My mother makes herself the victim.

There are sometimes when my mother doesn't respect my things. When she doesn't like them, she gets ridden of them secretly.

One day, she wanted to buy me a new pair of shoes because she was disgusted with the ones I have had for 2 years. She is very stubborn and she didn't want to rest until we finally found them. We also took my old boots. At home, when I turn my back to my old shoes, both disappear. She told me that the ones of the shoe store took them, and that she would go to look for them. However, the next day, I went when I was free without my mother knowing it, they told me that we took them. When I confronted my mother, she started to say that I don't believe her, that I always think bad of her, etc, etc.

Another day, I was preparing for an important exam, before going to sleep, I put my glasses on a special table for the good luck. The next day, they have disappear, and my mother said that she didn't know what happened to them.

I have tried to keep this kind of conversations away and not to confront her directly because the discussions with her always don't go anyway, but if I don't confront her in the right way, things will continue and I will keep negative thoughts inside my mind.

Can there be a way to confront her where there would be a good progress?, or should I let her what she wants and don't care because that has to be her problem?


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  • Well if you get new shoes all the time, I think that’s grate but she needs your permission to remove your things. They do belong to you and should be under YOUR care, not hers. I would tell her that you love her and respect her but that you don’t want her taking your things.

  • Clearly she is crossing some boundaries here. My mother did the exact same thing for years until I sat her down and told her that I got really pissed when she moved my stuff. A few hints after that, she got the point.


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