What do guys REALLY want?

it's so easy to get a guy to notice you.

even easier to get (some) to sleep with you.

[[i don't go around doing that.just noticing a pattern among other girls I know]]

but to get a guy to seriously fall for a girl. what is it?

does playing somewhat hard to get help?

i never believed in the girl-ask-guy-out thing.

what are the qualites? please don't say 'good personality, good sense of humor, and decent looks' that's so generic.


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  • guys like the "tease".basically its something that you give a little of yet you dun go the whole way.while many guys jus want sex some other guys usually the more shy or quiet ones, they want someone whom they can SHARE their all(happiness,sadness) with.i know this sounds so boring because eventually they want to get married but its true.

    guys can be classified into Boyfriend material or HUSBAND material.it depends on which ones ur trying to get.the best way to even get a guy to fall for you is TIME.whether you believe it or not.time does create feelings for the opposite party.of course you must also show concern towards that guy's well-being.


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  • What they really want is sex with a girl they don't think they deserve to have sex with.

  • sometimes you just have to be different like noother girl so you can stand out of the crowd and get his attention that's how I got mine because he said that he loves how I wear leggings and sorts so make your own style

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