Do i come off as high maintenance?

No one's ever actually told me this, but I get the feeling I'm scaring some people away?

I usually dress really nicely (not because I want to show off or anything, I dressing nice?) and occasionally wear long eye-catching jewelry. I wear make-up everyday. And I have this bright red trench coat that no one else at my school seems to have so it makes me stand out a lot.

Does any of this make me seem high maintenance? I mean, it's not like I spend my time being a bitch. Usually, I am with a few friends having a good time :)


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  • It's hard to say without seeing you in action first, as attitude goes a long way in making the determination, but admittedly, it is possible that you are seen as high maintenance. Particularly in people in their teens/early 20's, most people dress very casually, and as a result, see anyone who dresses classy as high maintenance.

    That being said, please don't change. As I said initially, a lot of it depends on your attitude, so there's still a very good chance that you're not seen as high maintenance. Even if you are, the label won't last long. Once you're out of college age, the rules change completely. Suddenly, dressing classy will go from "high maintenance" to "wow, she's sexy". Plus, there are young guys who are wise enough to get the truth; as a bonus, they're generally not the guys with the backwards ball cap and the Nickelback shirt.

    • UM that was sort of creepy that you mentioned the backwards baseball cap...but that's a long story hahaha :P Thanks so much for your perspective on this! It makes me think :)

  • No, not at ALL! I like the red trench too! If you belt it, it must look SOOOO SEXY...

    • I do! :) I really like it a lot. I just worried that it looks expensive and it will scare people away :(

    • Nah, guys I know LOVE girls in trench coats! At my all boy school, they weren't allowed cause the admin thought we'd roll our pants up & pretend to be flashers, so a friend of mine did JUST that & got caught! Now they REALLY don't allow trenches! LOL

    • haha :P

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