What can I do to make myself more attractive? girls and guys

Like, what trends do other people do? Like should I get my ears pierce? glasses? I don't know, what do you all like that tend to make people more attractive?

Please comment I am really trying to better myself in the atrractiveness department


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  • i think everyone who comment will have a different opinion of what ''attractive'' is. you need to just stick to the basics. like good hygiene and being a healthy weight. muscles wouldn't hurt anyone...also maybe emphasize some of the things you love about yourself. maybe your eyes? ;) just don't try to change for other people. and don't get too narcissistic! everything isn't about looks.

    • I think I am too "basic". and I don't have anything to emphasize on. I love the unmaterialistic stuff about myself. Like what types of things tend to attract you personally?

    • well it's almsot all personality. really sweet and caring! also very protective and loves to give hugs. looks wise, I love a very healthy guy with great hair ( has to be long). I personally am a fan of though guys. not as in huge muscles and motor cycles but like a kid you would see in juvie. LOL.

    • Mark L. Young is my dream boy.anywaay good luck!

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  • Personality - Be yourself.

    Hair - Clean cut

    Body - Fit

    Smell - Doesn't really matter as long as you don't stink

    ...and one more thing, don't do trends, don't follow them, if you want to be noticed - be different! (in a classy, sexy way of course).

    Dress like a real man, not just a typical guy you can find anywhere. Stand out!


    • Thank you, I really appreciate your detailed comment. I at the point whereas I can't blame other people so I trying to better myself in a way to MAKE girls want to be with me. However, I am trying to find what is "classy and sexy." I give in, my view of "classy and sexy" isn't working.

    • You're welcome. :)

      Would you care to tell us what you're view of 'classy and sexy' is?

  • Honestly, being yourself is usually the best thing, since there's so many different people who are attracted to different things. As long as you have good hygiene and do some kind of physical exercise, you're usually good. But one thing to avoid is "jeans so low you can see way too much of the underwear" look. It can look kind of tasteless.

    Just go for what you like, and be comfortable.


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