I attract gays, taken boys, those who live 2000 miles away, creepers, and girls?

Where are my single, heterosexual, not-just-trying-to-get-in-my-pants-while-drunk males?

How do I manage to attract everyone else out there but my target audience?

...I'm so confused...


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  • I would take it as a compliment that so many people are attracted to you. You have to keep trying. Don't write off everybody quickly that is my only advice.

    Like attractive guys are judged as players. Some dudes are shy, so they might stumble with words when you first meet them. Are these creepers just ugly people that make the good try of asking somebody out?

    Get to know some of the stereotypes. There are no normal people around and there are no perfect men out there. lol

    • No, I'd say my creeper's weren't ugly by any measure, actually various degrees of attractive.

      By creeper in this case I mean trying to get me to go to bed with them after meeting me that day with total disregard to what I said. There's typically alcohol involved. One situation was actually boarder lining sexual assault.

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  • I say this time and time again.

    The only reason why a girl would attract pervs is because you're looking for them.

    Not literally.

    What I mean is, that you're falling for the good looking guys, who you assume to be an amazing prince-charming. In reality, these good looking folks are exactly the ones who want to get into people's pants.

    You have to look elsewhere, outside your comfort zone. I'm sure a hard working nerds aren't s*xual, as they're lucky enough girls talk to them.

    • I'm going to respectfully disagree with you here. if one were to line up all the guys I've been seriously attracted to in the past the amount of nerd in the space would be overwhelming.

      And I'll try, but I tend to get friend zoned and in some cases become the girl they ask for advice about some other girl. The prevs I attract come out of left field, and as you said, looking to get in the pants. They sure as heck aren't my comfort zone. I'm safe in a crowd of "weirdos"

  • Stuck in the friendship zone you placed them in... or here lol. Lets see a picture of your face if your not shy.

    • I don't try to friend zone people...hrmmmm

      Posting a pic kinda runs against the point of asking anonymously does it not?

      Though, I don't have any pics of me I can link to that are in completely public forum at the moment...

    • there we go: link

      I always look paler and my eyes more grey than the blue they are in pictures.

      Normal curly hair (today): link

  • He's right here =)

    • oh hai there! :P

    • not even in the lives far away bracket. You good sir, are an exception.

    • Thanks

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  • once you stop looking, they come around. try to be oblivious and occupy yourself with other things and it'll happen. cliche? but true.

  • the last guy of that kind died in 1860

    sorry! welcome to 21th centry

    • *sigh*

      i don't suppose if I started singing "Its Rainin Men" the weather would change for the better would it.

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