GUYS, on a night out do you prefer to talk to the girls who dress sweet or the girls who dress slutty?

give your reasons. I want to get both perspectives on this.
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  • Actually, I'm almost never looking at girls who dress slutty.

    I think it mainy is becouse they try to hard to get attention, and (i'm not trying to generalize here) most girls who dress like this, thinks they are better than other girls, and can most likely get whoever they want, at least they think so... ;-)

    I like girls who dress sweet and innocent, were you can see they aren't out just to hook up with some random guy they meet, they require some more work, and not just a drink and a smoke ;-)

    So my preference is without a doubt, girls who dress sweet :-)


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  • Main Preference: I prefer girls who dress sweet because it makes me think they're unique and don't want to be attention seekers like some of the girls who dress slutty. I'm sure not all girls who dress slutty are there to grab attention, but that's usually how my mind works.

    Exception: If a girl comes up to me to talk. Then I won't mind talking to her regardless of what she's wearing.

  • The sweet girls like these link link link

  • If it's just talking, then I'll talk to both. I've met slutty girls that were cool to talk to, that were boring and shallow, and some that wouldn't give me the time of day unless I was hot enough. I've met the exact same for sweet girls.


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