If a college age guy is making changes in his life, could it be to impress a girl?

This guy is making a lot of sudden changes to how he's living life, and I'm wondering if he's doing it to impress me (I'm the older than him and told him I'd only date a younger guy if he acted mature).


-Taking 18 credits to get out of college faster

-Talking about goals and careers

-Cleaning up how he dresses/his style


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  • It is possible. College is also a huge time of change for many people, and there could be other external events or people pushing for his change.

    I 'd warn you though, that it is quite possible that he isn't really changing for good, he's trying to change because of short-term goals. A long-term change would be much harder and it would be more unlikely that any long-term changes he'd make would be evident over the course of a few weeks.

  • probably.


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