What to do for a new look for myself?

Hi I like to color my again and my hair is kinda dark brown already. But I want to color it chocolate or richer brown. I'm not sure if it would look good on me or not. I want to also get a haircut and get bangs across my forehead type of bang. I'm not sure it would look good with my face. Anyone got ideas or tips about this thanks.


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  • Well I'd really need to see your face, lol. But I don't think cholcolate or rich brown is too drastic of a change. I'm sure it wou;d look pretty. Not everyone can pull off the bangs aross the forehead look lol. Again, I'd need to see what you look like.

    • I have pics in my profile if you want to take a look at me. just saying but thanks I just like to change my look a little bit. every now and then. just wanted some girls advice.

    • I think that color would look really good on you, and warm up your face. I think a side swept bang would look really cute on you also, with maybe some medium layers! lol good luck.

    • Thanks you helped alot.

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