Why am I attracting girls who already have boyfriends/are dating?

Alright. Simple enough I guess.

The last 5 girls have either had a steady relationships or are dating someone, But here's the kicker. They have all flirted with me.

First one actually took my v-card, Ended up telling me a few hours later about her boyfriend, then told my family + her friends that I raped her (which was more the other way around the way she was literally all over me that whole week )

Second one was one that I actually got as a girlfriend for a few years. She was dating this really nice guy whom ended up becoming an asshole the second she started spending more time with me. Once again. she literally begged me to have sex with her. ( I have no idea what so ever how I am doing this )

The third. Well. I was naive as hell. This was in the last few months before I broke up with the girlfriend. It was a really nice girl. we talked a lot and became really good friends. So I got a text from her that said something along the line of " Me and my boyfriend are having problems.. Can I come over ?" it was Saturday in the middle of the night and I of course said yes. Didn't want her to feel bad or anything. She leaned on me the whole night when we talked ( In my eyes its OK, cause she was obviously sad at the time and when I am sad id damn right want to lean on someone for comfort) And she asked if we could " Sleep now?" And guess what she starts to try? I ask her what's she is doing. She answers " What ever you like ". Nothing happened that night but still.

fourth one was at college a few months after I broke up with the girlfriend. A really nice girl but had somewhat of daddy issues I guess. Talked about her boyfriend all the time and then suddenly once again I got begged into the bed. We made out. she wanted more but I couldn't cause I was still pretty damn emotional after the break up. And guess who she starts talking about the day after at breakfast again?

The fifth and final one actually happened last week as I am coming back into studying after a few years in treatment.

. really, and I mean, REALLY cute girl. if eyes could scream she would be singing opera. that's all I am saying. Her body language (at least from what I understand it ) all pointed at.. yes.. She wants something from me. I was OK with it all up until the point I discovered she had a boyfriend, ( a really nice one too to be honest! )

Whats up with this? Am I doing something that's really damn attractive for girls? It boggles my mind that this happens. I would really like some help how to make things like these to stop. It hurts cause I really feel used in these situations.




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  • You feel USED...?

    As a guy uhm.. it seems it goes well for you?

    Seriously I actually don't believe that you don't like it. Because if you really didn't like after the first girl you'd be smart enough to ask her if she had a BOYFRIEND. And come on dude if the girl is crying because of her boyfriend you'd think she'd go to you for advice, even though she likes you?

    I don't think so.

    I think you should hang low on sluts for a while... seriously.

    And start asking them if they have a boyfriend other wise you'll keep being a rebound or a play partner for them.

    Best of lucks.

    • Yes, I feel really damn used, Don't think you understand the feeling you get when you share something so special ( at least for me it is ) like sex/love and then randomly end up telling me they have a boyfriend. In my eyes the single purpose these girls even like me must have been so they can get laid. But WHY? I am no special and am definitly no prince charming. I want to have sex/make love with someone who would feel the same as I do for them. Not just toss my little johnsson everywhere.

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    • dude... okay you seem pretty hurt. Does it ever cross your mind when you are flirting with a girl or she is flirting with you that se has a BOYFRIEND? I mean seriously be smart(i'm not trying to offend)

      If this happens then stop giving your full trust to girls you don't completely know! I'd hate to be cheated more than 2 times and by different people. And not all women are like that you just have the luck or lack of attention to find them.

      Good luck.

    • Thats the thing. I don't flirt with them at all. I am just acting like I am. Nothing added nothing taken away. I am not looking for anyone or feel the urge to be with anyone either. They just seem to come for me and I become "fooled" ( if I can use that word? ) into believing they just want friendship. Its confusing. But thanks for the respons! kinda makes sense actually.

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  • i got the same problem. I have had been with many women in relationship to many for me to really allow myself to fully trust a women. I was almost with a married women, she was taking her ring off when I would be around her and one day I saw her do that and that's when I realized she was married and man that's like f***ed up. I think women just don't have a problem cheating on their boyfriend if the dude they are doing it with is a respectable person so at least they can tell themselves that you are a good guy I really don't know what the hell these women thing. one girl I was seeing. we had sex, then we kinda didn't start a relationship but we would meet up for dinner and what not, well she inivtes me over one night and we are sitting on the couch watching a movie and I think I'm about to get laid then somebody knocks at the door. I ask who do you think that is and she turns to me with a shocked look on her face and says its my boyfriend. at that point they wee seeing each other for 2 years last I heard they were still together poor bastard he will never know. also I slept with a women that was engaged. engaged man wtf, she told me in the morning she started having like a panic attack flipping out saying I'm engaged this was wrong and stuff I was like uhhhh you might have wanted to mention that last night. I don't know what to tell you man I wish I knew why this happened to me as well I think it also has something to do with my bulge I got a rather large little man.

    • See? This is what I am worried about. Not to get to personal and deep but I've been used like this my whole life. I don't want to continue my life like some rag that people use to plesure themselves with, I feel misogynistic as it is already after my childhood and don't want to go all "All women are w**res " cause that's now how I work.

      Thanks for sharing your story though. Boggles my mind that people can do this to others..

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