What is most the most important quality you look for in a female companion?

- physical attractiveness

- intelligence

- money (income) / success

- confidence

- overall compatibility (personality)

- other...


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  • money? Isn't that what girls look for in guys?

    • I think success is more what she meant. I'm not attracted to women that could not be independent on their own and has to rely on me to support them. So money/success would be a requirement for that.

      Overall, I think compatibility is the most important trait for a long term partner. Ideally, we could find somebody with every trait, but that's a tall order.

    • Yeah jarhead thank u.Success NOT money.

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  • A girl who can think for themselves instead of having their friends think for them! (I have yet to find one)

  • physically attractive women are a dime a dozen, it has little worth, finding one who is attractive after they start talking is EXTREMELY difficult

  • A combination of all those traits. Choosing a single one just doesn't work. It's just like how women demand a guy must be tall, handsome, confident, stylish, muscular, and intelligent all in one perfect package.


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