What can I wear??

Based on my body type, what can I wear? I am 5'8", skinny (120ish lbs) but not really "petite." I have a 27" waist (which is really short) 34B to a A bust size, 38" hips and 34" inseam for my pants. Anyways, I really don't know what I can wear according to my body type. I am hour glassed shaped, just not REALLY curvy. I have a short waist, no boobs and long legs. What can I wear? Do guys like a body type like mine?


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  • Of course guys will like your body type! You might not be a super hourglass, but it sounds like you look great. And don't worry about breast size or long legs or anything like that. There will be guys who will like that.


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  • short baggy lightweight dress with jeans is hot

    just read fashion magazines, helps =]

    • You know those skinny jeans, well I really don't like those jeans that much. I don't think it makes any girl look very good. What do you think?

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  • Wow. sounds like long skinny jeans with boots, maybe an oversized sweater on top?

    A mini with tights and boots and a long-sleeved bodysuit and a vest would look good on you too.

    Maybe go with a pleated skirt and tuxedo ruffled blouse and heels.

    • I swear that everything you just said sounds like a different language! Haha. Incredible.

    • Lol exactly what I had in mind but couldn't really be able to put into words lol

      itd be more funny if ur becky in fashion ccourse XD