Do you PURPOSELY hold eye contact with a girl for a VERY long time that you like?

This has been happening .. several times recently ever since my teacher made me sit beside him during class.

I was going to my seat, and I caught him staring at me. I stare back and I waited for this weird moment to end. BUT, it didn't. We kept staring into each others eyes and it looked like he was trying to search for something? This happened for what seemed a LOONG time. I was like: What? And he would keep staring, andd then smirk and shake his head. LOOl what? :S

he would do this too after a convo.And LITERALLY he STARES at me. Its weird.

One time when he did it to me, I looked into HIS eyes but I don't feel any sparks. Why is he staring at me?

I questioned him one time too! And when he did it to me, I was like: why are you staring at me? and he would be like no your staring at me. (which is funny cause HE'S the one always starting it) and I said uhmm no? and he said nothing, looked away and fidgeted with a pen. -_-

the last time he did it to me which is today.

We were talking about how he was walking and a girl tried to kick him and fell. I saw the whole thing and I laughed. I was like that was actually pretty funny.

Then he gave me a VERY familiar look (the kind of look when he's about to do "that" again) and I looked away, and looked down. I don't know I think he looked at me for a bit and looked away.

He did this twice, and the two times he did it I looked away.

Does he like me?


and why is he looking at me that way?

HELP -_-

i honestly can't figure out his complicated mind..

i always feel self conscious when he does it, cause he STARES at me. STARES at me -_-
Do you PURPOSELY hold eye contact with a girl for a VERY long time that you like?
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