I'n incredibly shy, & having a hard time making friends and finding a boyfriend

I'm 18, and I just started college. All my friends went to other schools. I'm shy, and a little socially awkward. I have always had a hard time making real friends, and I have never gotten a boyfriend. There were two guys previously that I really liked, but one turned out to be a creep, and one is still just my friend. I get a little flustered when talking to a cute guy. I don't really like to wear pretty clothes or style my hair. I'm not really that hot, but I'm not horrible either. What really attracts a guy, anyways? If I can't get over my shyness, should I try dressing differently? What should I do?

What is considered dressing "nice"? I tend to wear tops and pants, usually tees and jeans. I'm not comfy in skirts, dresses, tight or filly things. I don't have too many dressy clothes, but when I go out to dinner I'll wear a nicer top and pants.


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  • ok this is gonna sound crazy cause I was just like you. knowing you are dressed nice makes you a better person it gives you confidence and will help you meet all sorts of people. when it comes to talking to guys you need to just relax all the pressure is on him. the hardest thing for a guy is to approach a girl so you should just sit back and relax.but trust me dress nice makes you fell a lot better


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