Girls, what do you think?

Do you think wearing underware with a sweater dress (or any kind of dress) makes your butt bigger or going without panties makes your butt look bigger than what it is everyday (when you are wearing panties?

I put on a sweater dress with a belt that goes around my stomach and decided to not wear any panties. My ass looked SOO MUCH BIGGER with no panties on at all. I personally think that panties push your butt in a little bit, but that is just MY opinion.

What do you ladies think, Panties make it bigger or going all natural! ;)


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  • haha well you gotta get the right underwear.. if you get ones that don't show panty-lines then its almost like you're not wearing any anyways. hahaha and I think they even have padded underwear to make your ass look bigger..

    its all about getting ones that fit right.


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  • I think it depends on the underwear. Boy shorts always make my butt look smaller because it like keeps everything under wraps lol. Also if its like a spandex based underwear compares to like cotton that could keep your booty locked down. I personally go for the boy shorts to keep my butt locked in. I guess it's about whether you want your butt to look bigger or not.

  • instead of not wearing underpants why don't you wear a thong just in case


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