Does the Brazilian blowout work on your hair?

I have really curly hair. The only way I can have straight hair is if I straighten it every day, and my hair still has a little wave. I heard about the Brazilian blowout online and it said it makes your hair really straight. So I want to know if it really works. And can it cause hair loss?


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  • My hair is thick and curly/wavy as well and I get the Brazilian blowout and it's easier to manage and it's super straight. I only get it twice a year (the average is like 2-3 months I think), but it's nice if I have high class engagements to attend and I need to look incredibly elegant and what not. It makes my hair more shinier and smooth, I love it. :-) But since it's supposed to tame your hair more, my curls always come back but they're more like waves, which is a look I love. I'm not too sure about your hair texture so I can't say the same. But I do think you should try it out. It's safe too. :-) --Here's a helpful link


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  • The Brazilian blowout is not intended to make hair straight,but rather to make it more manageable, although if a person has wavy to straight hair, the blowout will straighten hair. Straight hair isn't guaranteed, it will make it more manageable and easier for you to straighten with a flat iron.

    The Japanese [Thermal] Straightening is intended to straighten hair permanently.

    Only difference is that with the Japanese Straightening, it IS permanent straightening so you would probably want to keep touching up when the roots start to show(and it is costly),you can't color your hair & it's pricier not to mention depending on your hairs texture,sometimes they can't do it.

    BUT,with Brazilian blowout, it makes hair healthier & you can easily deactivate it(or you used to with the older formula) by simply using non recommended hair products such as the shampoos and conditioners NOT designed for hair that has been treated to a blowout.

    You can go on Youtube & look at the process & look at before and after photos.

  • I'm a hair stylist and the brazilian blowout is meant to decrease frizz by about 90%, and decrease curl by about 70%. The results are gorgeous but I personally do not preform the service because the fumes are so harsh! At first, the SMELL of it is pretty nice, then we blowdry the product into the hair and the FUMES kick in. For me, my eyes start to water and my sinuses have a strong burning sensation. Make sure you do your research, because although it claims to be formaldehyde free, there are reports that it is in fact over OSHA's standards. If you decide to go through with it, make sure the service provider at least gives you a towel to cover your face during the blow drying process. But honestly, if you're under eighteen, I would recommend going in for a styling lesson. The right products and tools can be miracle workers without having to put all those chemicals on your hair

  • yes it does and it didn't care my hair to fall out


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