Guys' hair care - need advice with the right products

My hair is brown and medium-long (comes down to earlobes on sides and a few inches more in the back). My normal routine is to shampoo once every 1-2 days because I don't want it looking too dry (plus I re-darken it everyone once in a while since I used Color-Opps 6 months ago and it screwed me over - I don't want to over-wash it) but I always condition everyday. Both products are Treseme. Then I usually use a non-frizz/heat defense spray before I straighten it.

My hair naturally curls a little bit on the ends and I don't mind it too much so I don't straighten completely. But I am really looking for a great product that makes hair look soft and conditioned. Whether that be a conditioner or an after-shower or before-bed product, I don't really know. I'm not looking for shine, I just want a product that does wonders for texture. In fact, the less shine the better because I think I look better with darker brown hair.

But anyways,

Any input is great appreciated!


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  • two words: go natural! I make own stuff, I'll never go back to commercial products... or my straightener. If you're interested I can send you some of the names of the ingredients I use all can be ordered on ebay. It will be expensive at first, but it will last you years and it truly the BEST stuff for you hair.

    • I'm definitely into all natural ingredients so yeah I'm for sure interested in this list you have :P

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    • also If you want to darken your hair organically try a hair dye made from henna. To lighten, use chamomile tea and lemon juice.

    • thanks! I'll definitely look into this stuff. its appealing

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