Dresses & Skirts, are they are turn on?

This may sound odd, but the last few times I've gone out with a friend of mine I've noticed that when one of us has either worn a dress or skirt that random guys have approached us & made a point ot have a converation. They haven't been creepy per se, but I mean it's a bit odd to approach people you don't know. So guys, are skirts and dresses something that make a girl more appealing to you?


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  • It shows legs. Legs are appealing. Also, a nice dress/skirt is a plus as well.


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  • If they're nice skirts or dresses, sure, definitely possible.

  • Yeah they're more appealing but if you show too much skin it could be intimidating to a guy.

  • wtf. you're allowed to approach people you don't know. strangers are just friends waiting to happen. and yesssss. skirts and dresses. are amazing. in fact. I won't even approach her if she's not.

    • Wow, what's with the attitude? I never said don't approach strangers. I was just pointing out this mainly happens when we have been in either a skirt or dress.

      So why is it you only approach a girl if she's in either of these? Is it because of the idea of easy access or because it makes her more girly?

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    • No, strangers are just friends you probably won't like.

    • strangers are people you aren't friends with. you're a typical judger. stop judgng people, you jackass

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