Why do people mostly women look at me when I'm sweaty and all red?

I'm starting to think I look like a fool I got some looks from guys but mostly from women and by the way I dress in normal clothing no fitness clothing. Today was a hot day and I walked around the city a lot because there was delays with the trams so I was red and sweaty

i posted this question on a different site and they said there probably attracted and some said I prob looked real funny. by the way my clothes weren't soaking wet it was just my head.


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  • When you are self-conscious of people looking at you, that's all you'll notice. If being sweaty/red didn't bother you and you were comfortable in your body, you would notice that it's all in your head! It happens to almost everyone - as soon as you see a flaw, you assume everyone sees it.

    When I break out or have an overnight pimple, I freak out and don't want to be seen in public. When I do go out in those circumstances, I feel as if everyone's eyes are on me; but it's all in my head. I asked one of my friends once if there was anything on my face, and they had no clue what I was talking about; called me "paranoid".

    So relax, and enjoy being who you are! If you honestly don't think it's normal, I would get anti-perspiration subscription pills which will lower your sweat glands (take note that altering your body's natural state isn't very healthy; I would try wearing more whites [less noticeable] and looser clothing).

    Hope this helped! Good luck!


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  • people react primarily to the energy emanating from you)) so that the clothes or sweats are not have be blamed. if you were overheated and spiritualized any idea - it may have been the cause of bringing attention to you


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  • red is a colour we don't see much in nature at all so if we see something red are eyes are drawn to it. also if no one else was all sweaty etc and you were in normal clothes that would be the reason for starring.


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