To dye or not to dye?

That is the question! Lol

Okay, I know women dye their hair all the time, but should a guy dye, too? I'm 30, but already I am showing grey and even white in my hair. So my question is, should I dye it or leave it be? Ladies, do you like the natural look on a guy or prefer him looking young?


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  • What?! Why is this even a question?

    Of course you should dye it!

    For obvious reasons:

    1. You'll look fresh

    2. You'll look youthful

    3. You'll exude confidence

    4. You'll melt women's eyes out when you whip your luxurious hair around

    5. Others will feel obliged to impart their services onto you at absolutely no cost to you!

    But in all seriousness, a lot more men should dye their hair when they start hitting that mark of gray/white hair in their lives. While there are women who like grey hair, I believe the majority at present, do not. Women want men who take care of themselves and their appearance.

    Such a turn off when men let themselves go, and it's so easy not to!

    I commend you for thinking ahead though.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Yes I definitely think you should.

    I've been begging my dad to let me color his hair and he refuses saying its too "feminine"

    It's not feminine at all. There are guys that come into the salon I work at for color.

  • I know I'm way younger then the age group, but maybe you could try that "just for men" thing. it just covers up a little bit of the grey.

  • Don't dye.

  • i think it depends on the person.

    if you're self conscious, you won't be shunned

    for dying your hair.

    in my experience, males can pull of white hair

    more often than females.

    hence the silver fox.

    this is a case to case basis,

    if you're dwelling on it, dye it,

    but keep in mind there will be upkeep.

    if you don't really care, leave it be,

    i'm sure you don't see the top of your head too often.

  • love grey hair on men. For God's sake George Clooney looks awesome ;)

    So, bottomline..don't :)


What Guys Said 1

  • From a guy to a guy, Don't dye it.

    At 30, you've had some experience, and whatever's thrown your way won't be your first rodeo. A lot of girls have told me (and I've polled this question) that they'd rather see some grey flecks. Looking like a 20 year old won't do you any good once they ask what your age is, so why bother? It really all depends on the woman you're looking for, but in my experience, any who you are going to have a long term relationship with want you to be honest and for the most part, dying is not, especially if you don't tell her straight away.

    As long as you're not balding and/or more white than your original color, you're better off without, for numerous reasons, and even if you are completely grey, you're probably better off that way. As long as it's cut well, you can make it look handsome. As another commenter said, just look at George Cloony. He's incredibly handsome, and on top of that, the grey hair gives him a slight look of wisdom, like he's been around the block a few times.

    Bottom line, don't dye.

    Just my two cents.


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