What makes a guy hot or cute?

What makes a guy hot?

What makes a guy cute?

Which do you prefer...?


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  • Well, superficially I prefer hot guys, but it mostly depends on their personality too. But, here's what I think.

    Cute: Not very many muscles, preppy style clothes, baby face (not all, but some lol), and dimples

    Hot: Abs, long but not too long hair, muscular, surfer/skater/jock style, more mature looking, and a little bit tan.

    Ex: (I don't like him, but) Justin Bieber would be an example for cute, and I think that Taylor Lautner would be an example for hot.

    And, I'm pretty sure this varies for most, if not all, girls.


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  • to be honest a guy looks hot and cute when they are looking sharp but in a dangerous way . when they at least try their best to look good and take care of themselfs. I perfer a guy that is hot rather then cute. cute is more for 15 year olds looks aren't everything don't think I'm shallow but the way they dress is normally what their personality is.

  • For me there are two different types of 'cute'

    1: Like a little cutey pie; a little kid (usually the shorter ones) who are baby cute

    2: Guys who have the looks and an awesome personality

    Hot is typically lookwise. If a guy is hot, he looks just like eye candy!

    I prefer cute :)

  • Both, I like all sorts of people.

  • The thing with girls is, our opinions on what makes a guy hot/cute varies. Most guys can generally agree on what a hot girl looks like... it's not like that with girls.

    For me, hot would be not too many muscles (but a little/nicely built), great hair, great smile, and... well, nice to look at.

    Cute would be a nerdy, shy and maybe a little awkward guy with a nice smile. Preferably no muscles at all. Good sense of humor and sweet. It's more in the personality here than looks.

    I prefer cute.

  • Hot Guy: Skater hair, Good Sense of style, maybe a piercing.

    Cute Guy: Freckles, Sweet smile, Good sense of style.

    if I knew how to post links I would show you


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